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Initial Consultation with Nutrition and Wellness Plan $150

Clients will fill out a detailed lifestyle assessment form covering main health complaints, goals, stress levels, sleep patterns, diet, symptoms, daily habits, medical history etc. The purpose of this first meeting is to gather the information required to create an individualized dietary and lifestyle plan to fulfill the client’s needs. This is a time for me to really get to know the client, so I can develop a plan that will work well for them. Once this step is completed, the majority of the work will be completed outside the meeting and presented to the client at the follow up appointment. 

Nutrition and Wellness Plan 

 The Nutrition and Wellness Plan that I have designed specifically for the client will be presented. The client will be provided with a dietary plan that is realistic and provides the required nutrients to start them in the right path towards achieving balance. Lifestyle suggestions will also be offered that will complement and enhance the wellness program. The purpose of this plan is to provide the client with the tools and information required to reach their health goals and to maintain a better state of health. 

Follow Up appointment $70

Follow up appointments are available to keep up to date with the clients journey towards health. They are check points to help keep clients on track as well as to make any adjustments to the initial plan. These appointments allow me to give continued support to help maintain motivation and increase the chances of success. 

Meal Planning Add on $50

Custom meal plans that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages designed to ensure the client obtains the correct nutrients they need to obtain success in achieving and maintaining their health goals will be provided. Recipes and resources will also be offered. 

Package Deal $250

Initial Consultation, Nutrition and Wellness Plan, Follow Up and Meal Plan  (regularly $270. $20 savings)

Initial Consultation and Meal Plan Only $100

Initial Consultation appointment and a individualized meal plan . THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A WELLNESS PLAN.